What is a Life Garden?

A Life Garden is a fun little model I use to transport my thoughts, ideas, dreams and intentions from a linear 2-D point of view into a broadened expanded 3-D point of view utilizing circles representing spheres and a visual map of life AS a Garden.

A Life Garden Broadens & Expands Perspective. It cultivates patience as the continual destiny comes to fruition all while breeding adaptability and presence.


What is IN a Garden?

Soil – Ground – Minerals – Fertilizer – etc.

Seeds – Planting – Planning – What kinds

Watering – Rain – Nourishment – Sunlight

Growth – Patience, Pruning, Cultivation… “We’ll see what happens, What shows up”

Harvest – Enjoyment – Gratitude – Sharing/Contribution

Reflection to Restart anew at the Soil again

            Move forward with decisions based off a what is happening now
            Where I really am in all of it
            What I can do
            What I want to do
            Looking at and Incorporating ALL Aspects


I look at each circle as it’s own plot of the garden and then the garden is in a greater field of blossoming as a whole.


Movement/shifting flows through energies and inclinations as INSPIRATION.


When I set goals in the past I took their emphasis as being “dreams” and that if something was a “dream” it should/would come true with enough hard work and determination.

However, my Action Steps didn’t always align with whatever dream or feeling I was going for. I’d be expecting a big full oak tree to show up in a daisy field and be completely devastated when it wasn’t what I thought it would be. Even if two times the daisies showed up I’d completely miss them because I’d be so crushed.

A Life Garden helps me to appreciate what is here now and brings me closer to acceptance of What IS. I become more in tune to where I actually can go and what I actually can do.

When I drop the expectation of what an ‘Oak Tree’ or “success” or goal coming to fruition looks like then I actually become more aware of the daisies! From this position I feel like I can make better connected intentional moves that actually allow the dreams of destiny to come TO me as the circles/Daisies/Dreams start moving closer and then also move through me.