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Active Recovery & Our Current Times: Special Edition

Continued from: The Active Recovery Series: Part I  The Active Recovery Series: Part II I wanted to touch bases with all of you to bring the best resources of aid for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, anxious or highly emotional/unsettled about what’s happening in the state of the world right now. Things are changing. This […]

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#STS Is about raising our heads, facing the day, with strength, with our shoulders back, ready, capable, willing and able. This motto has weaved its way throughout my life for the last 13 years. Inspired by an incident where I was doing everything opposite of these notions and words for years. I realized in this […]

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Relaxation and Stress

Relaxation welcomes us into warm flowing fields of grassy meadows on mid-summer days. Stress seems to turn the lights off of summer in an instant. Like a winter wind storm plowing through our coastal vistas knocking over yet another power line for the zillionth time. These systems work similarily within our bodies. Known as the […]


Grand Opening of Lala’s Life Garden Training Studio!!!

“Life loves the liver of it. You must live and life will be good to you.” -Maya Angelou Welcome to Lala’s Life Garden Training Studio!   We are cozily nestled in the Cannon Beach Business Park at the Oregon Coast! 368 Elk Creek Rd. #214 Cannon Beach, OR 97110 Set up with a squat rack, […]

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The FUN of Fitness

Fitness can be FUN when we focus on well-being! Fitness is about you moving well, feeling well and saying YES, I CAN!

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The Wim Hof Method 10-Week Course: A Review

From a basic low back injury, to jumping into the Wim Hof method, to learning about the very practical aspects of diaphragmatic breathing! This was my experience…

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How Crossfit Helped Me Move Through Grief

My experience of Grief, Crossfit, and Transformation.