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How a Pay It Forward Mindset Helps US Move Out of a Zero Sum Life…

Exploring how to move with a Pay It Forward mindset so the opportunity of opening, receiving and accepting can happen.

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Strawberry Mango Lemonade

Oahu is majestic from the air. Sounds of Hawaiians from earlier days travel through my ears fishing, foraging, swimming, surfing and enjoying life together. The lush green landscape still over powers the expansion of 21st century homes and buildings. I come from a quaint town in Oregon. Even when I travel small, cozy, creative villages […]

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Kai Lani feels like…

A place that I’ve always wondered about where creativity and fruition intermix. In Hawaiian Kai Lani means, Where the Sea and Sky meet. I can’t help but notice that in this actual physical form it is only a place we can see, only a place we can feel with insight, and only a place we […]