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2018 Year In Review

What. A. Year ! ! ! …And we didn’t even see it coming! In the Fall of 2017 Gretchen and I moved from Portland, OR out to the Oregon Coast Range country for a short stint. We happily survived months of no water, no facilities, limited electricity, and no fridge. Talk about fun! But we […]

Practical Inspiration

What the Crossfit Games Means to Me…

…The Feeling of Dreams Coming Alive. During this time of year I always get an itch, a feeling of excitement for the upcoming Crossfit Games.  On Tuesday July 19, the Games opened with Individual Masters and Teens competition and will continue throughout the rest of the week ending with 2016’s Individual and Team Champions crowned […]

Living Vibrantly

Living the Dreams of 10 years ago…

There was a faint call for a dream in the deep recesses of my heart.  It was less tangible with words and form, but the feelings were seeded in the notion of ‘You CAN do this’. In 2006 everything in my life was focused on what I could NOT do.  I could not move or […]

Practical Inspiration

Dreams and Setting Goals

1) Dream.
2) Set Goals.
3) Be True to Yourself
4) Operate in the Now