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The Active Recovery Series: Part I

By Lara Foster Optimized Rest and Recovery is a term I first came across taking the Flow Fundamentals course from the Flow Genome Project with Jamie Wheal and crew. In order to recover deeply, we need to understand the difference between Active Recovery and Passive Recovery. “Passive Recovery is literally what most of us do, […]

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Relaxation and Stress

Relaxation welcomes us into warm flowing fields of grassy meadows on mid-summer days. Stress seems to turn the lights off of summer in an instant. Like a winter wind storm plowing through our coastal vistas knocking over yet another power line for the zillionth time. These systems work similarily within our bodies. Known as the […]

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How to do the hard things…

I started back up at 24 Hour Fitness just over a year ago. I was excited and enthused. It seemed like that was the direction Life wanted me to go. I spoke to my boss at that point and said I am IN this. Because I was. I was stoked to help start a brand […]

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Talking About Goals

Motivation. Inspiration. Dreaming. Aspiration… All driving us toward our GOALS. Why do we do the things we do? There is SO MUCH information out there now about how to eat well, how to zen well, how to become your best self! The information is so abundant that at this point in the game it is […]

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THE BREAKDOWN on Setting Goals

“Setting an intention is very different from having an expectation.  An intention is a focus that empowers healing, allowing it to unfold naturally.  An expectation tends to limit healing because holding an expectation is a form of rigid control and involves passing judgment.” -Phylameana Lila Desy I often get asked, “How do YOU set goals?” […]