How to be Human

How to be Human Series – Part I

As originally published on Hedge School. Hello Hedge Schoolers! I’d like to introduce myself. I am Lara Foster a Web Developer by day and Peak Performance Coach at all other times. I met Steve at the initial coaching cohort of Flow Genome Project’s live immersion in the Redwoods of California in 2019. I’ve been reading […]

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“No Effort” November

Hey Friends! Just wrapping up a “NO EFFORT” November stack over here.  Started with a 36 hour bone broth fast (prompted with some FGP friends who took on 4-5 day water fasts) then rolled into a Whole30. Basically 30 days of meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds… No sugar, toxic oils, grains, etc. I try to […]

A Discovery of Love Living Vibrantly

Kai Lani feels like…

A place that I’ve always wondered about where creativity and fruition intermix. In Hawaiian Kai Lani means, Where the Sea and Sky meet. I can’t help but notice that in this actual physical form it is only a place we can see, only a place we can feel with insight, and only a place we […]

A Discovery of Love

8/8/2017 – 5 years of a Spiritual Partnership

I never thought I’d have a partner who would SEE me. And I mean really See Me. Not just the parts of me that I want her to see, or the things I’m projecting, but the moments when I’m not paying attention to Who I think I am or Who I think I should be. […]

Living Vibrantly

Living the Dreams of 10 years ago…

There was a faint call for a dream in the deep recesses of my heart.  It was less tangible with words and form, but the feelings were seeded in the notion of ‘You CAN do this’. In 2006 everything in my life was focused on what I could NOT do.  I could not move or […]