Illuminating Desire

Lara Foster our resident Author, Coach & Flow Specialist is attuned to generating individual and group flow experiences with aspects of fun, play and creativity. Her keen insight and intuitive advisement is woven into her coaching, writing and group facilitation wisdom.

Tenisha Stock is our Somatic Practitioner & Embodiment Specialist. She’s deepened her expertise with intensive trauma and nervous system training to work with clients therapeutically promoting wholeness and regulation. Tenisha is also a curator of many community gatherings and events along the North Coast.

Together we’ll curate a safe, playful space full of joyful expressions for you to illuminate your desires flowing into this summer solstice season.

“What do I want? What do I really want?”

Underneath these words lays an invitation to deeper and fuller aspects of your whole being. During our Summer Solstice Workshop we’ll be illuminating these desires together.

Lara and Tenisha will lead the group through breathwork, journaling and somatic practices that will help you get deeper in touch with the wholeness of your being’s desires.

Join us as we illuminate desire together


Date & Time:

Sunday June 30, 2024 from 11am – 2pm


Les Shirley Park

208 E 5th Ave, Cannon Beach, OR 97110


Lara Foster & Tenisha Stock

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