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Friends of the Life Garden:

Christi Krug | Wildfire Writing

Rachel Barbanel-Fried | Dr. RBF

Sarah Sarkis | Dr. Sarah Sarkis

Georgia Ellis | Blue Chip Minds

David Glover | Endurance Works

Karen Rowe  |


Susan Branch | Susan

Kelly Starrett | Mobility WOD & The Ready State

Jason Silva | Shots of Awe

Brian Mackenzie | Power, Speed, Endurance & Art of Breath

Flow Genome Project | Jamie Wheal

Flow Research Collective | Steven Kotler

Wim Hof

Elizabeth Gilbert

Rob Bell

Dr. Maya Angelou

Brené Brown

Marianne Williamson

Oprah | Super Soul Sunday

Mark Sisson

Louise L. Hay

Wayne Dyer

Favorite Podcasts:

The Bledsoe Show

Align Podcast

The RobCast

OnBeing with Krista Tippett

Joe Rogan Experience

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast