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The Progress ZONE

Achievement. Success. Goals. What kind of progress does that take? How do you DO IT? Understanding that the progress zone is the Same, and yet completely Different for everyone is the beginning of instant inspiration to move into the zone. Resiliency and Gratitude are tools you can utilize to get there. The zone is consistent …

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Gratitude for All That IS: A Letter to You

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on your life? Have you noticed the cycles ebbing and flowing with the tides? Do you see your potential culminating through your past? Do you see it Now? Four months in this new place. I gaze out the window, transporting through time as the feelings wash over …

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RESILIENCY Through Fitness

By Lara Foster How do you stick to training schedules, nutrition schedules, work schedules, when Life has other plans? Progress, Goals, all seem to be put on hold when Life throws you a big one. What do you do? How do you look at life when these curve balls come hurling through? Sometimes they’re feelings, …

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What is FITNESS? Hint: It’s not what you think it is

By Lara Foster What is Fitness? A scary word, that’s what it is! People generally have a love/hate relationship with the basic definition of fitness. Most of the time people see the word Fitness and Run! Half those people are running towards the word, and the other half are running, ok maybe walking, far far …

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Steps of Progress: There’s no magic pill

Steps of Progress: There’s no magic pill By Lara Foster In my experience through the fitness industry, a lot of people ask a lot of questions. How’d you do that? What’s your secret? What did you take? A lot of people do a lot of things a lot of different ways. There’s programs, plans, variations, …

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Fostering Fitness Now: The Why

Fostering Fitness Now: The Why By Lara Foster Have you ever gotten that feeling? Looking at your days with wonder, thinking, can there be more? Can I be more? At one time or another everyone goes through a shift like this. We all wonder Why. Why do we do this? Why are we here? I …

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Operating From Abundance

FLIP THE SWITCH By Lara Foster It’s a mindset that has been elusive to me, until now.  Now, I am starting to get it.  Not just understand intellectually, but really embody the concepts physically and emotionally.  I have a tendency to work backwards in that way, or in other words, a non-linear fashion.  I can ‘get’ …

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