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L A R A   F O S T E R


Trainer | Writer | Coach 

Helping people create their dreams into reality through fitness, nutrition, accountability, commitment and peak performance coaching. Lara utilizes her skills and experience to creatively design a personalized fitness and peak performance program for each of her one on one clients.

Consistency is at the forefront of every plan, goal or dream alike. Lara’s ability to help clients remain consistent and on track with action plans aligned to their goals is essential for success. Challenges arise and we dig down deep, we stay on the path we committed to, we finish and follow through with excellence.

Lara’s writing is at a forefront of her Professional Coaching career. Her creativity weaves into and through her life as each piece, article, unseen journal and published magnificence reaches throughout all those she touches. An uplifted spirit continuing to help uplift others Lara can see the breakthrough spaces for your goals to be achieved and will walk alongside you as you keep stepping closer and closer into your destiny.

Spending over a decade in the fitness and nutrition industry Lara has learned to broaden her approach to a fulfilling and well-lived life beyond physical activity. This is where peak performance coaching and priming comes in utilizing the access points of breath work, meditation, active recovery, creativity, art, imagination and courageous action to encourage her clients continued fulfillment and success. Mind, Body, Spirit in action.

Lara’s blog shares the day to day experiences of continuing to live a life in and through flow, connecting to fellow humans, enjoying the adventure of life, all while pursuing and perhaps adapting to our new goals and dreams.

When not coaching or creating plans Lara spends most of her time traveling the North Coast, enjoying time with family, reading, writing and exploring the outdoors. Side hobbies include photography, guitar, singing, drawing and painting.


Bachelor of Science – Mass Communication (University of Utah 2003)

Certified Peak Performance Coach *with Distinction via Flow Genome Project

Art of Breath 101 Course

Meditation Masterclass Level One with Kelly Howell of Brain Sync

NOLS Wilderness Medicine Certification

NASM –  Certified Personal Trainer 2008 current through 2020

NASM –  Performance Enhancement Specialist

NASM –  Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM –  Behavior Change Specialist

NASM – Fitness Nutrition Specialist

CrossFit L-1 Trainer Certificate

USA Weightlifting Coaches Certification

24 Hour Fitness Certification

24 Hour Fitness Master Trainer   (Trained over 2,000 sessions)

Oregon Team Wellness Coaches Certification (Special Olympics)

Current CPR & AED through 2020

Serviced over 3,700 In Person Session/Coaching Hours

Remote Coaching currently provided through APP