Everyday Adventure

Fridge Wars

We sat in the middle of the open windowed living room of our cabin. Gretchen gets up to get a drink, “The fridge isn’t cold,” she says. I look at her, then at my watch, it’s 9:45pm. I shrug my shoulders. “We have to do something,” she says slightly panicked. We’d spent the day at […]

Living Vibrantly Practical Inspiration

VoiceCatcher: Rotten Eggs

Hi Friends! One of my creative non-fiction pieces titled Rotten Eggs has been selected to be featured in the Spring 2018 Issue for online literary magazine VoiceCatcher!   I spent several months working on the piece intermittently with my coach/editor and then went through several other rounds of revision with an assigned editor from VoiceCatcher. Pretty […]

Fitness Practical Inspiration

Talking About Goals

Motivation. Inspiration. Dreaming. Aspiration… All driving us toward our GOALS. Why do we do the things we do? There is SO MUCH information out there now about how to eat well, how to zen well, how to become your best self! The information is so abundant that at this point in the game it is […]