When the Stories Don’t Come

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”


This week there’s no story. Nothing I feel compelled to report on. Just a quietness and a stillness that I for once have noticed without a reactive crippling uneasiness.

Nothing is happening, I’d whisper to myself… Looking around at the eerie quiet.

Pin. Drop.

Without something to react to I feel like maybe I’ve missed something or hadn’t done enough to pay attention. To notice. To move.

If nothing is happening then I have nothing to give this week…

I create in order to express myself and also expel burning churning energy through a positive productive facet force. To give. As an offering.

In the past I used to take feelings, noticings, observations and stuff them down. Inside.

Bury it. Infused with a “Let’s not talk about it…”

This move became very toxic to my life and relationships.

I’m aware this is a major reason that I gained so much weight at 25.

I have investigated this situation from the inside, because I survived. I feel it’s only natural to share the process. Because I felt like if I could figure out why I was such a wreck in my 20’s then maybe I could also learn how to help others survive these types of dire situations in our lives.

So I write. To create. Whatever comes up because I’ve always felt that Life is the best teller of stories.

Life loves the liver of it.

-Maya Angelou

Last week I couldn’t have made the owl story up if I tried. I was there living it, noticing it and then ultimately documenting it.

Document. Don’t Create.

-Gary Vaynerchuk

I used to dig to create, to write, to connect stories with inspiration. To find the gold, the story that was churning to be told… I’d call it research, or education continually scouting through books or listening to podcasts still digging deeper. For an idea. A story.

As a personal trainer it was never about digging. It was only about LISTENING to hear the golden nugget that people give so that you can (with reflective listening) hand it back to them. Golden nuggets are the pieces/stories of people’s lives that actually really help them shift, change, move…

For Real.

With these shifts unveiling a newer truer version of self I’ve learned that sometimes the best thing I can do now is show up and see what comes up.

I’ve been listening but today there’s no story and for once, for the first time in a long time, I am totally ok with that.

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