Transformation: Progress in ACTION

Everything is an Opportunity, Continued…

Have you ever wondered How we can get into a state of Being in the Zone instantaneously?  You know that feeling where you are actually Making the Most of Life, and you FEEL it?  You just know it. 

This is The Zone: Action

ACTION is Active Participation with Life.

(Don’t mistake action for movement, sometimes action is stillness, reflection, pause, listening).

PATIENCE is an action.  This has been one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned.

Opening the Opportunities, Transforming your Outlook to See the Opportunities, Operating in this Zone, from this Zone, continually, consistently.  BEING in the Zone.

Have you felt it?  Do you notice where it operates in your respective craft, business, art, music, sport, life, love?

Thoughts, Ideas, Feelings, Emotions, the way you choose to respond to all of these things is Ultimately Who You ARE.  Getting in touch with your Center, with what Truly resonates for you, will help you differentiate what to Focus on and what to Let Go of.  Slow things down, allow yourself to take that reflective step, hit the pause button.

Move with the tides
Move with the tides

Tune into your Reactions, frustrations, “set backs”, for they are the Clues that will help clear your path of the next best action.  As actions are refined, movement becomes more impactful, for your life, IN your life, expanding to the lives of those around you.

I like to look at Clues, as if they are a CUE to a trigger point.  An area in my life where I may be unknowingly blocking progress.  I can get frustrated when I don’t see progress in my own life the way I ‘think’ it should be happening.  Ultimately, this frustration shuts me down.  It narrows my view so severely, that I can’t see anything.

The difference now is, I am aware when this happens, I am aware of what is happening, sometimes I don’t always know WHY, but in this awareness is my opportunity to step back, to breathe, before I say or do something that’ll be detrimental to my goals, rather than adding value to those goals.

Do you see that it’s this instant where the choice can be made, to dig a ditch that we’ll have to use time refilling, OR to stop and breathe as our view clears and widens and we begin to see an opportunity to invest or nurture our current goals of progress?

Realize what is important to you.  Know WHY it is important to you.  Share your importance with the world through your continual courageous transformations OF the moment IN the moment.  You always have a choice.  The choice can always be made Now.

Maybe to transform your outlook, where you move from/operate from, all you have to do is see that

Life’s Opportunities are Everywhere.

Make this shift, Change your ZONE.

I feel like when I allow myself to see the opportunities, look at situations from different perspectives, maybe those are the answers to my questions.

Within the pause, the breath, I start with asking…

How can WE make the most of this situation NOW?

Incorporate your WE with whatever flows most naturally for you.  It will expand your perspective beyond the I/me, and shift you into a collaborative zone for more than just you.

Ask the question, See the opportunity.  

How do you See the opportunity?  WHERE do you take Action?

This is where I bring back in the I/me.  In this bigger picture of WE, what can I do?  Where do my talents, uniqueness, serve best?

Sometimes, digging deeper will help to recognize whether

you are operating out of fear, or if

you’re operating out of joy.

Making the most of what we have.  Where we are.  Finding what we can do and doing it fully.  To our fullest potential.  It is freedom of the moment.  It is opening to the capacity of the moment.  It is expanding from your previous moment in the new now which is ALWAYS CHANGING.

You may not be able to affect the change.  But you can affect what you do with it.

How you react.  How you respond.

How are YOU adding value in your Life?

What drives you to add value?

Do you know where your inspiration comes from?

The most important thing is intention, motion, and desire that PROPELS the adding of value.

The transformation isn’t about where you get to.  It’s about the belief you hold about where you want to be, or the ‘mess up’ the ‘mistake’ the ‘loss’ the ‘pain’.  Can you turn it into joy?  Can you really truly see it that way?  The truth will be told when you allow yourself to FEEL it that way.

I believe that moving in this way allows for the occurrence of miracles in your own personal life, which then expands out to the world, and those around you as you Transform your Life, and the Lives of others around you through this space of Inspired Action.  Transformation.  Moving IN The ZONE, through fulfillment, inspiring others to do the same.

I always wanted to lose weight.  I spent four years in my twenties, wishing and hoping to lose the weight that had enveloped my body like a prison.  I wished with all my might.  I dreamed big.  Nothing happened.

I wanted to change.  The desire was there.  What I was missing was a solid plan of action that I believed in.  Not just a plan to lose the weight, but something that would also develop continued success into my life.

One step, action, moment, now, at a time.
One step, action, moment, now, at a time.

It wasn’t just about the destination for me, because I knew that destinations come and go, I wanted full on Transformation, because I knew that if I could transform, no matter what happened on the journey, that ability to adapt, to be resilient consistently, Would be Instilled WITHIN me.  That’s the honest Truth.

I am not sure that I could have as clearly relayed what I wanted and needed when I was in my 20’s.  It is only now that having reflected on the journey that I can see it more fully.  Who knows, maybe in another 7 years the answers will change again.

If they do, it’ll be another Zone, of Life, of the Moment, and I will adapt, change, optimize, and Transform again.

True Transformation is about your ability to open your Heart to the present moment, regardless of what has happened in the past, or what you think may happen in the future.  It is about right Now and always loving fully through your greatest capacity.  Honoring the moment with ALL of your Being.  When you do this, and you know you’re doing it, you feel it, and there are no words to describe that space, except to say, You’re IN the ZONE.

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  1. Brilliant! I am totally blown away by the power of this article. The truth in it rings loud and clear. Wow!

    I will be using and sharing this idea: “Do you see that it’s this instant where the choice can be made, to dig a ditch that we’ll have to use time refilling, OR to stop and breathe as our view clears and widens and we begin to see an opportunity to invest or nurture our current goals of progress.”

    So many great ideas… all explained so clearly. I cannot wait to read more! <3


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