The Healing Gem of Arcadia is on the way!

The Healing Gem of Arcadia is on the way!

Four years of work… The Healing Gem of Arcadia initially started off of a whim from my writing coach Christi Krug, saying “Let’s write something fun!”

I looked at her after drowning in years of composing a grief memoir and said, “OK!”

In 2018 I’d just bought my first home with my partner Gretchen. A 600 square foot cabin built in 1972 in the Oregon coast woods of the place where I grew up Cannon Beach.

During that first summer prancing around the beach, trails, and all the sweet village nooks and crannies I couldn’t help but reminisce about my childhood.

Riding my bike to Cannon Beach elementary school, playing soccer at the city park, eating bagels on Osburn’s front porch, getting candy at Bruce’s after school, and dreaming of other worlds through the books at the Cannon Beach Book Company.

Author Toni Morrison once said, “If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

THIS is that book for me! This is a glimpse into the adventures and imagination of my childhood. This is a juvenile fiction debut novel that will ignite the child within.

A magical realism fiction fantasy set to the tone of chasing a treasure map on the Oregon coastline during a full moon, Queen tide summer night.

May you enjoy The Healing Gem of Arcadia!


Adam’s dad is sick with a mysterious illness while Clara’s dad just up and left her family. Adam’s Auntie G gives him a treasure map to find a magical healing gem in Arcadia. Clara is approached by Adam and his friends on a full moon, Queen tide summer night to find the gem and save his dad.

The crew is transported through the Arcadia Rock portal to a mysterious land where Auntie G is much younger and shows them how to discover the true power of healing and their own magical powers of intuition.

Will Clara, Adam and their friends reach the gem in time? Join the Arcadian crew as they learn how to fremember together.

A cross-over Middle Grade fantasy novel that will ignite the fancy of both young and adult readers.

Keywords: Juvenile Fiction; Fantasy; Action; Adventure; Magical Realism; Intuition; Healing; Powers; Fun; LGBTQ+; Imagination; Intermediate; Middle Grade; LGBTQ; Pacific Northwest; Spirituality; Friends; Friendship; Support;

Our official release is October 4, 2022!

Digital Pre-Sale is available through Beach Books.

Live copies will be available through Cannon Beach Book Company.

International and Kindle readers can receive their copy via Amazon.

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