The FUN of Fitness


Here’s the Secret about Fitness that it’s taken Years to Realize…

Fitness IS about Well-Being. Period.

Fitness as Well-Being makes Life, Living, Loving and Moving BETTER and EASIER.

Fitness and Activity are about doing some sort of full body movement that is CONSISTENT and SUSTAINABLE for YOU.

Finding some sort of movement that you can and are willing to do is THE MOST IMPORTANT. It’s an individual game that we all can WIN at.

Fitness DOES NOT have to hurt. Fitness DOES NOT need to be painful.


When views of fitness get skewed into too hard, too scary, too painful… Then the door just gets shut to movement and overall activity. I have been in this spot pushing myself too far beyond my limits and cracking my whole system with injuries in the process.

In the long run, having a shut door, or closed mind, to Fitness will actually tend to cause MORE PAIN with injuries, low energy, health complications and painful experiences.

Learning How to Move Well for your specific body and needs is the HUGEST component of Fitness. Personalized design and Individualized Programs fill this gap. Whether you create one for yourself, get one from a Coach, or even see a Personal Trainer for One on One sessions doesn’t matter. As long as your personal needs, goals, desires, and movement capacities are being viewed, met, and arced for Progress. 


I am opening Lala’s Life Garden Training Studio to help all of my North Coast family (and everyone beyond) to meet these needs. Even if it’s just a chat on the street about what you can personally do to move better and feel better I am open to your questions! Even if my recommendation is to go work at another gym because it’s closer to home, or another trainer because they are more geared toward your goals…

If you start moving and feeling better, it’s still a WIN.

• My ultimate goal is to help get Everyone in this Community MOVING. No matter the age, the size, the ability, the ailment, the setbacks or the goals. •

Growing up here, the Winter’s were tough for me with movement and S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder). It was cold, wet, dark, and hard to get outside. I just never knew what to do beyond play sports. I feel that some of my PNW friends up and down the coast may be in this same boat. But now, we have so many resources available to us. So many gyms, so many places to go, so many coaches and trainers that can help us. All we need to do is pick one and go for it.

When does pain, pushing, and intensity lend a hand in fitness? At the Elite level.

It’s important to understand that at the elite level of fitness and after years of training is where we start adding time, volume and increased intensity to our workouts. But for everyone else Well-Being is Movement and Movement is Fitness.


Fitness encompasses EVERYONE no matter what level you are at. We are all athlete’s in our own bodies when it comes to movement, moving and living.

We stand up, we walk, we sit down, we push things away, and we pull things toward us. All very basic actions for a basic person on a regular day. A Fitness focus can help these actions and movements become easier. Making walking up stairs or sand dunes a doable task instead of a breath taking daunting mountain.

Whereever the mountains are in your life, whether it’s Neah-Kah-Nie, Tillamook Head, or even the Astor Column near by. I want you to be able to look at it and say…

“Yes, I can.”


4 thoughts on “The FUN of Fitness”

  1. My problem is trying to find a why or a goal that pumps me up. Exercise and fitness for healths sake isn’t enough. I also can’t get a grip on food. Same reason. No motivation
    Great post and it makes a ton of sense.

    1. Thanks for sharing Lynne!
      I hear ya, it is definitely important to Feel super pumped or motivated with a goal. But sometimes I think of it like this, as much of a “pump” as a goal needs, is as much of a “deflate” that it can also lose at some point in time… With that being said, motivation is a huge factor! But I believe there’s some sort of inherent desire deep within ourselves to do the best we can and also feel the best we can. And when we tap into this feeling (we could call it Joy/Peace), with fitness, or creativity, or art, or life the feeling itself continues to grow and we just keep feeling better and better and better. When we’re here, the feeling itself is motivation/energy enough.

      When is the last time you felt GREAT?
      Where were you?
      What were you doing?
      Who were you with?
      What are three senses (smell, sight, taste, touch) you can remember from this moment?

  2. Lala,
    Great read, you nailed it. Baby steps. Everyone has a different goal in mind. I really love your fitness/health approach. I feel the same way, as long as your moving, you’re working towards your goal. Another thing I feel well need to accept is when to rest, not quit, but to pause when our bodies and mind says “hey we need a break.”

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