Talking About Goals

Motivation. Inspiration. Dreaming. Aspiration… All driving us toward our GOALS.

Why do we do the things we do?

There is SO MUCH information out there now about how to eat well, how to zen well, how to become your best self! The information is so abundant that at this point in the game it is overwhelming to try to figure out what to do and which way to go for our goals.

I’ve been in the Fitness industry for the last ten years. I have dedicated my life to health and wellness. BUT this doesn’t mean I’ve done it perfect, or have all my own sh** together, or even Know exactly what to do!

The path is a constant process and journey.

Even though I’m a Professional Coach I struggle too. I struggle to make the best decisions for myself. I struggle to say No sometimes. I am not perfect.

I struggle to stay motivated or get re-inspired.

I am just like you. You are just like me. We accomplish goals and we get lost at sea. But, we also get found again. And again. And again.

Just because I’m a coach doesn’t mean I get a free pass toward my goals. It still takes time, energy, discernment and work to keep moving forward.

The hardest part it seems has been remaining accountable to someone other than myself. Because if I coach myself the conversation and observation becomes very internal. And sometimes if I’m watching me then the me can talk the I into and out of a lot of negotiations.

“I can have this dessert today and tomorrow I’ll work it off,” the negotiator says. In the dessert goes…

But then another negotiation happens to get out of the work, “I’m sore, tired, hurt today… I can’t work so hard. I need to recover.” And there goes the work for the said dessert that’s already been consumed.

These negotiations have been occuring quite frequently. And they tend to err on the side of more consumption, less work with many areas of my life. Because there’s no time, no motivation, and nothing driving me forward.

So, after “trying to figure it out” on my own for the last 5 years I have just recently put the coaching aspect of me, my training, and my fitness goals into someone else’s hands. It is not my job to watch or point or negotiate anymore.

All I need to do is the work. The work that my coach assigns.

This move feels like surrender. And this is an ultimate act of trusting the process. To let go and let someone else lead me.

My goals right now, after ten years of making, breaking, and achieving goals are simple. Look good, move well, feel good, and inspire others. All of which I’ve been slacking on a bit lately. Not so much out of my own accord, but because Life, injuries, time, etc.

All the excuses that we all have.

Without trying to extend myself into an area that I think I should be at it feels more honest to own exactly where I am now. Starting with the basics. Squat well. I’ve never learned how to squat technically well, repetition after repetition, without adding weight or adding speed. It is humbling to have coached for ten years and feel like I am starting at ground zero again. But, I also feel like it’s a worthwhile story to share. No matter how far we go, we are all students, we are all learning, we are all invested in honing our craft.

This is where I am, and I’ve got a vision of where I’m headed. But I’ve also got a lot more adaptability and resiliency built up through these last several years of adversity. So, let’s see where this goes!

I am starting again.


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