Operating From Abundance

By Lara Foster

It’s a mindset that has been elusive to me, until now.  Now, I am starting to get it.  Not just understand intellectually, but really embody the concepts physically and emotionally.  I have a tendency to work backwards in that way, or in other words, a non-linear fashion.  I can ‘get’ something, but nothing will happen until I begin to embody what I ‘get’ with action.  This is a route where actual Believing can occur.  It’s almost like I need to prove it to myself before it will really sink in.

What I’ve learned is that if you can change the perception of your stance, where you are, the direction you move will shift towards excellence. In turn, your movements will be more fulfilling and more successful.

We call this direction, this act of motion, Progress. If you can look at everything that you are doing, everything that is occurring around you as an addition towards you making progress in your life, then you’ve begun to flip the switch. Even the tough stuff, the pain, the loss, the failure can be seen as a benefit, when you Choose to see it that way.

Operating from Abundance is all about changing your perception. Where are you? Why are you there? Are you helpless, or are you empowered? What do you think? What do you believe?

That’s a lot of questions. But the most important question is. How do you Honor your Now? How do you express your appreciation? Where does gratitude show up in your life? Where are you giving? When you give, you live in grace, when you’re In grace, that my friend’s is Gratitude in Action. You’ve found the sweet spot and the lights are ON.

It can be small. It can be large. It can be a kind gesture. It can be your complete focus at work. But where is it? Know where it is, and you’ll figure out more ways to expand. Gracefully.

Look at your progress as expansion. And your growth, your pursuit of excellence will be more fulfilling than you’ve ever imagined. Everything can mean Something to you in a positive way.

Short example. Diets. Why is the mindset flawed? Because you’re starting from a place you’re not happy with and you’re trying to cut away pieces of yourself to Get happy. “I’ll be happy once I reach my goal.” It’s like an expectation of a leap in time. So what happens to all the time in between? You’re not happy, because you’re not There yet. But Where are you exactly? Where do you stand Now? Is it really so bad?

Try to find what you Do appreciate about the Now. Then if there’s something you want to change, you can move towards changing it, rather than hating it and trying to cut it away. It’s all about Embracing. Embrace what is and you’ll be more capable of miraculous change. The pieces will start falling into place.

I can’t tell you exactly what lies within you. What your path needs to be. But I can tell you that you can always start with gratitude. You can always start with appreciation. You can always start by honoring the Now. This will create an immediate shift towards Realizing Abundance. Once you Realize Abundance, every movement, every action is Operating from Abundance.

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  1. Love it! If you operate from abundance, you always have enough. The universe is an endless cycle of plenty. Great post!

  2. Loved this. Everything makes us who we are taking the good and the bad and learning and living it. Thank you for the read I’ll be back:)

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