Oh Can-a-da! (And then…)

We rolled into Canada straight off the heels of Highway 101 where our first moment of awe occurred at Ruby Beach, right during sunset, no map in hand. Then the next day we saw the crystal clear waters of Lake Crescent.

Then we hopped the Black Ball Ferry named COHO in Port Angeles, WA to sail (or ferry) across the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca right on into Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!

Then we toodled around the city finding our favorite pit stop at the Fisherman’s Wharf which housed cute, small, cottage like house boats that seemed like they popped off the pages of a fantastical whimsy storybook dream.

Then we saw the Parliament Building during the day, and again at night. A large statue of Queen Victoria stands in front.

We learned that the locals call this building ‘The Ledge’… as in the Legislative Building.

Then we ran into a cute door. So I put cute Gigi in front of cute pink door to make a double cute pink photographic sandwich. Here you go!


Then we ate at the SAME RESTAURANT for breakfast every single morning! If you Love farm fresh food, sustainably grown ingredients, allergy forgiving recipes, then NOURISH is the place for you! Check them out @NourishVictoria.

And then I really just needed to add more pictures of our favorite Fisherman’s Wharf and the cute green boat cabin that G and I would love to build some day. And then Virgo, because well, G’s a Virgo! Needed the shot!

And Then we hiked miles and miles, out to this long lighthouse like point. I felt super nostalgic looking across the water at the Washington ridge line. There’s just SO MUCH BEAUTY in the world and SO MANY GREAT ARTISTS that continue to capture and share this beauty. I appreciate creativity so much and seeing where, why, how, creatives are inspired. For some reason, standing in Canada looking at America just made me really deepen into this feeling of gratitude.

And then we went to Nourish, again!

And then we went to Fonyo Beach!

Next we treated ourselves to a fresh crab dinner to celebrate our anniversary!

We spent the rest of the evening cherishing these views, and learning a new tool to add to our relationship, VOICE. Utilizing our truest voices, brings our truest dreams to light, and this is what we want, but at times it’s also scary, because our true voices are vulnerable and take courage (highly recommend BrenĂ© Brown’s Daring Greatly). A skill I personally continue to learn how to really apply for a happy, healthy, loving, giving life.

Our adventures together have been nothing short of memorable. Continuing to expand my very own dreams. And showing me how to Believe.



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