“No Effort” November

Hey Friends!

Just wrapping up a “NO EFFORT” November stack over here.  Started with a 36 hour bone broth fast (prompted with some FGP friends who took on 4-5 day water fasts) then rolled into a Whole30. Basically 30 days of meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds… No sugar, toxic oils, grains, etc. I try to do a general baseline reset of Whole30 at least once a year for the last several years.

Stack: A set of practices, habits or rituals utilized to enhance one’s sense of self being, feeling, understanding.


Also practiced Zero Social Media and Zero CBD or any other extraneous “anxiety reducing” applications out there… throughout the month.

And, yes, I’m saying it NO COFFEE… Eeek!

Leaning into drinking and sipping tea. Tea on tea on tea…. To feel, to listen, to hear what was really up and going on within.

Typical Whole30 meal.

“No Effort” November Stack:

• 36 hour bone broth fast

• 30 days of Whole 30

• Zero Social Media

• No extra pressure to ‘get things done’ or ‘figure things out’

• Show up, Listen, Be Present

Finding myself holding a gentle space of ‘Let’s see what shows up here without even trying…’ Hence the ’no effort’.

We went and watched Frozen II on opening weekend.

So, what did I learn?

The clearing, quieting, and listening was gently revealing. Reminders to myself of, ‘Ah Yes’ remembering to align myself with deeper held intentions.

Is every day like this?

Nope. This is why I practice a “stack” of removing the unnecessary factors in my life to make sure that the practices or daily habits/tasks I am doing are actually providing results for myself and others. And I wanted to do the best I could to clear a path for 2020.


How can you do this in your own life?

These are a lot of the practices I utilize when working with clients and creating Life Gardens. We build through fitness and nutrition, then optimize through intentions and discoveries of flow.

Watched my sister say ‘Yes to the Dress’!

At the end of the day it always starts with slowing down. Utilizing Active Recovery. Moving with embodied intentions. Being consistent and accountable. Knowing our own personal ‘Why’s’.

Kona Rose reminding me to listen and feel deep within.

All high lofty tasks in a “perfect world”. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. We can move, and feel, and be clear right here in our very own lives. We can work with the Fitness and Nutrition practices that we already have to enhance ourselves, our lives and the way in which we are showing up for the dear one within and others.

People wonder how I’ve continually been able to re-invent myself through extreme weight loss, mastering training fitness and nutrition, broadening my horizons with writing, exploring new avenues, being a business owner, learning from others and continually being willing to learn, grow, create and share. This is how. For now. 😉

November 28, 2019: BEST Thanksgiving Ever!

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