Learning How to Adapt


Sometimes life goes according to plan. Ok, let’s rephrase that, life never goes according to plan.

And when plans don’t pan out or some other unexpected thing happens our expectations can tend to shift into doubts.

“I didn’t make it” or “This will never work” or “I’ll never figure it out”

Voices of doubt can lead us down some dark rabbit holes. But only when we listen.

For the moments in my life when doubt seems to be ringing clearer than any signs of faith, inspiration, or opportunity I have started learning to…


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When life shifts in ways we don’t expect, or don’t like, or don’t even know what to do with it’s our ability to adapt and shift with what is happening that really counts. Making the most of the situation. Some thought leaders like Gabrielle Bernstein, Aubrey Marcus, and even Aaron Alexander would call this Spiritual Jiu Jitsu.

Spiritual Jiu Jitsu is about utilizing whatever forces, energy, or matter comes your way and not resisting or fighting against it, but learning how to utilize the energy and turn it into something that works for the Greater Good.

And so, with this in mind the Greater Good, Sustainability, Inspiration, Living Great Lives, is where I tend to build new steps or goals in my life around feelings and intentions rather than set expectation points. These feelings bring a well of possiblity to lifestyle design. Really taking a look at how I want to live my life, how I want to spend my days, and how I want to show up in relationships.


I’ve seen enough twists and turns to know that none of this Life stuff is going to go according to plan. But, as our ability to adapt and apply Spiritual Jiu Jitsu grows, so does our ability to learn how to enjoy the ride.


We Learn. We Adapt. We Create. And ultimately, we really, really begin to start enjoying the process. But most importantly we learn to REALLY enjoy our lives.

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