Intentions OVER Expectations can blend into Miracles

Expectations lay hidden among the grass between our toes as we continue stepping towards our dreams and goals.

Think with me for one moment as the soft, luscious, blades envelop our hard working ways.

Breathe with me with this new air as the fresh scent of soil brings life to the creatures embedded deep below our step.

Dream with me for a second of the life you could have IF ONLY. The feelings you could feel IF ONLY. And the love you’d kindly share… IF ONLY…

“Wouldn’t it be great if…?”

-Marilyn Hough

These are the sentiments of intentions like seeds lingering throughout a recently tilled garden. Of our steps passing through the soft pads of grass. The ignition of life we feel when we allow ourselves to stop and absorb the wonder.

We’ve been doing it less lately. I, too amidst the struggle of information, overload, and the perpetual Go, go, go… that has seemed to infilitrate the minds and hearts of our technologically advanced society as of late.

Until, I have to stop, stop, stop…


“Let it lie fallow”

-Candalee Wrede


There’s no more churning of the earth we can do. There’s no more work to be done even if we’ve made an infinte avenue into our livelihoods and those of the ones we love.

Our boundaries must be set.

The day must be done.

Our phones and our minds must rest.

In this sweet silence is where we find,

We hear,

The soft gentle pull of our dreams rumbling underfoot again from months or even years ago.

Sprouting up into the murky air of our current lives.

“What are YOU doing here!?” we ask haphazardly.

The sprouts quiver at the words for they are not yet fully developed and although we planted these dreams months ago our minds have raced so far in mere layers of days that we’ve forgotten…

“I gave life to you.. I dreamed you up and planted you…”

“And now that I am here you make me feel like a long, lost memory…” the sprout says.

No sprout can survive these moments.

Unless, we stop where we are, accept and nurture what is here. And express our gratitude for the life we’ve been given to curate, appreciate and live.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

-Joseph Campbell


The mind, the heart, and the gut must take moments to sync up amidst the fast paced racing we’ve embedded into our lives.

The quickness can be managed when we curate our daily actions into nurturing and nourishment.

Taking care of the sprout.

Really feeling and absorbing the soft green blades underfoot.

Letting the soil’s wonder travel up our legs as each portion of the parts we call self rest into these tender envelopments.

It is then that our true senses come alive!

With gratitude for the moment of being allowed to let the moment be.

We’ll continue planting seeds with a fervor, a desire of being, opening avenues of fulfillment washing and winding their way towards us.

No step needed. No dream rightly drawn. Just the flow of what is yet to come, and all that may be, as we stand in our dreams coming to fruition underfoot.

This is the space where Intentions blend into Expectations. Where the integration of what we really need, what we really can give, become a reality in our very own dream. In our very own lives and all the lives we touch.


As we meet this space our minds and hearts will converge like Spirit pouring life into the trueness of our guts.

Where our lives become our dreams and our dreams become our lives. We know it, we live it, and we share this space of feeling. Sit in this place with me friends. Stand with the green tall grass underfoot. Let your Spirit come alive.

And then you can go back to your phone.

Unless you’re expecting miracles! 😉 Like the great text of A Course in Miracles suggests…

“Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature…”

– C.S. Lewis

Don’t let the word “miracles” distract you. It really just means a surprise, a given opportunity, a connection, something received or presented that is beyond our vision, dreams, or anything we ever expected. And it is BETTER…


But, until we’re headed this route, we tap into Dreams, Dreaming and what we’d like to feel or see happen in our lives or the lives of others.

These Dreams can easily be confused with concrete Expectations. Expectations can really start to make one overlook the areas that could be celebrated as gratitude in life or in other words, miracles.

I intend to move better.

I intend to feel better.

I intend to have great relationships.

The movement and feelings of these things.

“You cannot expect Miracles to happen Overnight. Be Patient, Be Loving and little by little the change you seek will come.”

– Leon Brown

Expectations can create mirrors of illusions that mistakenly encourage us to “turn around” and “go back the way you came”.

I want to lose 20lbs… Where as even if I lost 19lbs and every step along the way to 18lbs was wonderful, if I sit in the expectation of 20lbs, nothing else will ever be enough.

I want to live in a house with a beautiful kitchen. And then you get a house, with a working kitchen, and it’s better than anything you’ve ever had, and yet that “beautiful kitchen” you had in your mind still stays there pinging on your current situation as ‘this isn’t quite it’.

I want to write a book. And so you do. And you have a vision for this book, and you pour your soul into it, and somedays it feels “fininshed” but other days you wonder “Where is all that work going to go?” Maybe it is finished, but it does not have the veneer or the stable shelf in the front window of a bookstore to support it… yet.

“I am realistic. I expect miracles.”

– Wayne Dyer

We start to take a look at what we’ve created anyway. Because all of this dreaming, all of this movement, all of these intentions have created something.

Losing 19lbs is enough. Owning it. Feeling it.

This kitchen is enough. There’s running water, a stove, and a working fridge!

This writing is enough. I know I’ve done the work. I showed up every day, bared my heart, put it on the page… Ok, most days.

“Let it all go. Expect miracles. Wait without anxiety. And know the Universe has your back.”

– Gabrielle Bernstein


Confidence and Knowing…

As we shift through these new spaces of transformation… Like swimming in an unknown sea where the movements of riding a bicycle are how you really stay afloat rather than the swimming strokes you always knew. The unfamiliar treading can dissuade our current set of knowledge.


I know that all of these efforts will create something. And through the process of creation I get to see what the mirror of life is reflecting back at me. And the best part? It’s not a one shot go! When I see what is happening in my life and my creations I get to step back watch it all move, see what’s working now and what is not, then ADAPT and ADJUST!

At this point it is time for New Intentions!

So we hit the drawing board again. We start dreaming again. We allow the feelings and desire of where we are guide us towards our intentions coming into fruition. Our Dreams coming alive.

The trick that helps us lean into our Intentions over our Expectations?

Appreciating whatever shows up.

“Miracles start to happen when you give as much attention to your Dreams as you do your Fears.”

– Unknown


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