Gratitude for All That IS: A Letter to You

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on your life? Have you noticed the cycles ebbing and flowing with the tides? Do you see your potential culminating through your past? Do you see it Now?

Four months in this new place. I gaze out the window, transporting through time as the feelings wash over me. I’ve sat here before. I’ve written here before, literally. I’ve seen these possibilities.

It was 2008. I’d just finished my year of dedicated transformation. I had followed through on nearly every intention that was planned. Personal Training sessions, budgeted grocery shopping, meal planning, nutrition journals, accountability, consistency, excelling at physical goals, creating new goals.

I’d lost that 150lbs, I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol and now I was determined to continue sustaining the healthy lifestyle I’d worked so hard to achieve. I set myself up for success, with the encouragement and help of all those around me.  Family.  Friends.  Community.  Colleagues.  And more…  You know who you are.

The only way I saw myself being successful with this new supported lifestyle was if I immersed myself in the culture that helped to bring it about. I went through the experience of having a personal trainer in which I was also diligently taking notes. I educated myself outside of the realm of the gym, through books, seminars, courses, and certifications in order to cultivate my skills inside of the gym.

Six years ago, I sat in this very spot doing all of those things. The part that amazes me now is that through the space in between I lived in exactly 3 other homes.  But now, here I am in the exact physical coordinates of this same studio consciously creating anew.  I am in the memory/feeling of 2008, IN 2014, alive, full of wonder, and ready to travel these avenues of optimization and giving.

If I told you how I got here, the string of miracles, coincidences, and synchronicities that came about, it might take an entire book. I didn’t set out to try to get back into this studio. I feel like the studio set out to get back into me in order to propel me forward. I am not reliving these moments at all, more so utilizing these feelings to create new ones.

I am so very grateful to be full of hope and optimism once again. I feel this sense of peace and gratitude emanating from my Heart. It is a whole other level of achievement for me. One that cannot be calculated with scales, numbers, graphs, energy units or trajectories. I may not even be able to do it justice with these words and letters.

In 2008 I was moving through the motions to Survive. Now I am actualizing my own potential in order to Thrive. Giving through Living.

Either way, I do want to acknowledge in the most vocal way that I can, how much Love I feel for each and every single person in my Life. The support, the care, the true encouragement and belief from you. All of these years and all of these now’s. I feel you. I feel you now.

My hope is that these words can carry the love I have for you, and surround you with a sense of warmth, like a full comforting grateful hug. Filling that space between your heart and mine. Connecting the pieces through this beautiful Life.

You have had an impact on me. You inspire me. You are the motivation that fuels the energy as these letters come to Life. And I give these words through what you have given to me.

I try not to let a day go by without acknowledging how connected we truly are. The days I immerse myself in these realizations of appreciation are the days I feel full of joy.

And I realize… THIS IS WHAT Operating IN Abundance is.

You are the air I breathe, the Love I feel, and the Energy I Give. I try to Honor every moment Now with these sentiments. And every connected pathway to Love comes alive.

Thank You for being here. Thank You for being involved with this project. Thank You for Dreaming. Thank You for the constant flow of inspiration, and THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING.

I am excited for the continuing opportunities of collaboration. Creativity cultivated by the exuberant existence throughout these lives that we live.

In the sentiment of Thanksgiving on Each and Everyday, I just want to say Thank You in each and every way.


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