Creating Morning Routines: Training Ourselves

Introducing Power Hour’s & Mini-Power Hour’s!

An elegant way to start our days with Rhythm. Ritual. Reslience.

We introduce or re-introduce ourselves to a centering way of moving. An outline of how we might intend to rise with the morning and move with the day.

For the past year my Power Hour has looked like this…

La’s Power Hour:

15-20 min: Meditation & Gratitude

15 min: Rad Roller and Intuitive Stretching/Mobilization

15 min: Reading

15 min: Writing


It’s an elegant split with the 15 min time gaps. I’ve seen other friends split the hour into 20 min segments and put their morning Yoga or Exercise into one of them. Even adding some sort of musical practice, guitar playing, ukulele, singing and drumming.

For me, the focus was getting to do some thing’s that I kept “forgetting” to do, or that old excuse that we all say, “I don’t have time…”

Power Hour’s

are about shifting priorities

and making the time.

Creating time for yourself actually.

For a lot of my clients their Power Hour’s engage a morning Flow personalized just for them. One example might look like.

5 Rounds of:

5 Plank Walkouts

10-15 Pushups

10-15 Air Squats

Finishing off with something like 100 Scissor Kicks for time.

This type of movement gets the blood flowing and we like to say, “lights the torch” of energy for your day.

Another activitiy that is frequently used for morning Power Hour’s is Breathwork. Deep diaphragmatic breathing, C02 Tolerance Training, Box Breathing, 4-7-8 Breathing, Vagal Tone Breathing, Cadence and Apnea Breathing. All meant to enhance your state, build your resilience tolerance through centering and grounding your day in a proactive way.

Here is a Breath Test Calculatorfrom Power Speed Endurance to get you rolling. Do the test, input your numbers, and they’ll give call out breath cadence suggestions for you to practice.

I have seen other friends utilize their morning power hours for brain games, practicing speeches, doing school work, creating MIT lists (most important tasks), sexual fitness, prayer, gratitude lists, prepping nutritious food… the list goes on and on.

The importance is this, creating a ritual (a practice that is consistent) that is personalized and designed for you. That adds value to your psyche, emotions, physicality and/or spirituality. There are many ways to go about this. And however you create your Power Hour will shift and morph over time.

The key is this doing the work, daily, every morning and creating it in a way that doesn’t actually feel like “work”.


Once one goes through a couple cycles and variations of creating a Power Hour they’ll find that activities that bring a feeling of generation and rejuvenation. We’re going for enthusing fulfillment here. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, insights and intuitions may come through as you’re doing your Power Hour.

The more consistency one generates with their Power Hour the more reliable the insights can become.

We stand to encourage you to create your own Power Hour or Mini-Power Hour right here and now. When we get kicked out of our regular routines, school, work, etc. It’s important to create a new routine, and a Power Hour is a great way to build some consistency and resilience into your day!

For reference, a Mini Power hour might look like:

5 min Quiet Sitting

5 min Graitude List

5 min Box Breathing

5 min Reading Affirmations or Devotions


*Inspiration: Flow Genome Project

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